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Taking the Time to Care…

The way I have practiced medicine for the past 30 years has reached a crossroads. I used to be a physician – but over the last 10-15 years, I have become known as “provider” and you have become a “healthcare consumer”. Insurance company reimbursements now compensate physicians based only on the volume of patients seen and units of service performed, with no consideration or adjustment made for time spent or quality of services provided. I cannot flourish in this volume-driven environment.

For a number of years I have resisted the notion of converting my practice to a concierge model, as I felt it seemed elitist and unfair. I now recognize that the “concierge medicine” model of limited enrollment and enhanced service is not only fair but also my best option for continuing to offer the care and service my patients value and have come to expect from me at this office. I believe every patient I see deserves enough time with me to be satisfied that all of their issues are fully addressed. At this point I am unwilling to double my office volume to make ends meet. I will not compromise my high standard of quality care.

Quality does count! Accurate diagnosis and effective customized treatment plans require familiarity with each patient’s particulars. This must include taking a careful history and spending time in dialogue, building rapport, and establishing mutual trust and respect. These have always been my practice goals, and now I will have the time to ensure that I am not skimping on the care I am providing to you.

I take pride in the meaningful relationships I have developed with my patients which, along with the intellectual challenges of the science of medicine, have made my medical career so wonderfully fulfilling. I am excited to get back to the way the practice of medicine is supposed to be. I invite you to join me.

Marc Spero, MD