About My Practice

Your commitment to wellness doesn’t happen by chance…it happens by choice.

My personalized care practice has some expected and unexpected benefits:

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A strong focus on long term health and wellness

I focus on prevention and wellness, not just taking care of you when you are ill. Being a patient of mine includes an annual comprehensive wellness evaluation, which will be the cornerstone in our efforts to optimize your health and fitness. If medical problems arise, I will see you to manage these issues as frequently as you need or desire, and guarantee you adequate time to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Peace of mind

If serious illness and injury should occur, I will be there – in the hospital as well as the office to guide you through the bewildering maze that modern medicine has become. I would be honored to offer counsel regarding serious illness and end of life issues.

Personal Care and Commitment

As a member of my new practice, you can expect to receive the same high standard of care I have always delivered to my patients. You will receive my honesty, compassion and heartfelt dedication to your individual needs. The difference? You will receive more of it. In order to provide this superior level of service and personalized attention, my practice has a limited enrollment and there is an annual fee.

A note to my pulmonary specialty patients

I know some of you have been seeing me as a pulmonary consultant only, and receive your primary care elsewhere. For those of you who see me only as a pulmonary consultant, I will continue to see you for your pulmonary problems outside of my concierge internal medicine practice for the foreseeable future. You will, of course, continue to see your primary care doctor for all other problems.